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Ian and Lisa Compared New Yachts for Sale and Finally Chose the Moody 41 Classic

What do you do when your family grow and you all struggle to squeeze onto your much loved Hanse 342?

Well… you look at yachts for sale… then you upgrade… in style. Or at least that’s what Lisa and Ian Viney did.

I caught up with Lisa and Ian and their children Liam and Sofia under a gorgeous, high blue Sydney sky to chat about their brand new Moody 41 classic. Heading along the pontoon, Sofia Del Mar – (Spanish for ‘Sofia of the Sea’) was easy to spot.

She stood out as classy and luxurious – the complex tones of her teak decks looked fabulous in the morning sunlight.

Lisa and Ian were getting organised for the day’s sailing – they had big grins on their faces – they certainly looked very happy with their upgrade!

I talked to Ian about his sailing experience

I talked to Ian about his sailing experience

‘I’ve sailed all my life.’ Ian explained simply. ‘I started sailing as a child in Melbourne and then cruised on the West and East Coast of the USA.

When I met Lisa she wasn’t a sailor so the Hanse 342 was a perfect starting boat for us as a couple.

The Hanse’s small size and the trademark self-tacking headsail meant she was really easy to handle.

But then Liam and Sofia came along… and as they started to grow all of a sudden 34 feet seemed a little small. We chartered in the Whitsundays a couple of times to try different boats including a catamaran.

Then at the Sydney boat show in 2010 it was time to look at the new yachts for sale. We spent all day looking at catamarans but nothing got us excited…And then late in the afternoon, we climbed aboard the Moody 41 Classic.

She just looked absolutely stunning. Lisa saw my demeanor change in front of her eyes.She says she saw me relax and smile and seem completely at home. She knew from that moment this would be our new boat.’

I asked Ian if he regrets not buying a Catamaran?

I asked Ian if he regrets not buying a Catamaran?

‘No. Not at all! This boat has heaps of space for the 4 of us. The cockpit is large and uncluttered with lovely clean lines.

I think a catamaran is all very well for cruising round the Whitsundays, but it’s awkward in tight marinas. Also for offshore cruising I don’t want the noisy slapping of the waves you get with catamarans.

I think the Moody Classic is a really well laid out cruising yacht.

She’s set up well with everything designed around the self-tacking headsail. The glass windscreen gives me great visibility at the helm.

And with the 2 power winches I can sail single handed without grinding a single winch. Add to that a great autopilot and well-padded cushions and back rests and I can cruise in comfort. We’ve gone for the twin bed option in front berth for the children.

And there’s a huge storage area port aft which will be ideal when we cruise up to the Whitsundays.’

I asked Ian how the Moody 41 Classic compared to their Hanse 342.

‘Well obviously Sofia Del Mar is a step up in terms of space and finish. And she sails really fast!

Last weekend we sailed from Bayview marina in Pittwater to the Sydney Harbour in 3 hours – regularly doing 8 knots. The same trip would have taken us well over 4 hours in our old 342. And despite being larger this yacht is just as easy to sail as the 34 which is great for us as I often sail short handed.’

I left Ian and Lisa enjoying a gorgeous Sydney day on the harbour – they promise they’ll tell us how the sail up the coast to Queensland goes. We can’t wait to hear about it.

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