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Moody 54 DS – Sydney to Hobart 2016

It was second time around for Moody 54 Deck Saloon, “Moody Buoys” in the 2016 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race … this year Trevor and Dianne Richardson and their son, Stuart were joined by Windcraft’s Peter Hrones, Allan Bridge,  Robert Orr, Ross Turner and Windcraft contractor, Adrian.

The Hobart is seen as a ‘mecca’ for yacht racing and one to be ticked off by every budding racing sailor. For the “Moody Buoys” crew, once again the focus was on doing one of the most difficult and challenging races with ease and in ultimate luxury! Shiraz anyone?

We caught up with the lucky 2016 crew after the race…

First time Skipper – Stuart Richardson (Son of Trevor and Dianne)

“ We had the most amazing time – just look at the video!

It was a really special thing to do with Mum and Dad for the second time. Knowing the boat so much better, knowing what it can do – we were so much more confident and appreciative of what we had.

I guess l didn’t notice the first time but l was so surprised at the boat’s acceleration in the lightest of winds – the slightest puff and off she goes – and she is so big!

Later in January during the “Festival of Sails”, Stuart had an eight times veteran of the Hobart on board who commented on the same thing – he found it unbelievable.

“I was really chuffed at having the chance to be skipper this year – last time it was my brother.”

Robert Orr – Windcraft Service Manager, and non offshore yacht racer!

Robert admitted that he had never ever considered doing such a daunting race as the Sydney to Hobart.

But when an incredibly accomplished crew of an incredibly comfortable Moody 54 DS invited him along he knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Combined with the legendary cooking from Di – Rob was in….

Alan Bridge – GM Windcraft – Second Hobart on “Moody Buoys”

Al loved sailing with the laid back Richardson Family last time and had seen how happy Stephen was.

It was great to see Stuart this year – proud as Punch – and how happy this made Trevor and Di.

At times we would joke about racing hard and yet l realised at times we were “hardly” racing.

Well, it was easy to forget we were – everyone so chilled and relaxed, in the middle of the ocean with no other boats in sight. The calmness of experts was a huge part of this. To sail with Peter Hrones is an extraordinary opportunity.

We didn’t really see other boats until into Storm Bay

The conditions were so good  – l still can’t believe that we did not tack once after leaving Sydney Heads until the Derwent! We didn’t ever reef the Main and always had either the Gennaker or Genoa poled out.  Except for the really light spots we always averaged 12knts and Stu got the top speed of 22 knts down a wave!

Adrian – Contractor to Team Windcraft and very experienced sailor – first Hobart.

“I was so surprised at how fast the thing will get up and go!

22knts down a wave! That kind of boat speed from such a big boat just doesn’t look possible! Sometimes when we put the Genny up we would go straight to 16knts – it was crazy!

Problem now is – it’s going to be far too hard to do this race again on any other boat….

Peter Hrones – Windcraft Founder

“For me it was a nice way to finish the year with my team and one of our awesome owners on the boat everyone knows I’m passionate about and love!

And a boat that I had something to do with in getting the boat off the ground in the first place….

Great food and company in total luxury.  

No wonder our competition was jealous.”

When we spoke to Trevor the other day we asked him if he’d got his land legs back yet – he said hardly! This family sailed from Sydney to Hobart, up to Geelong, then down to Melbourne for the Festival of Sails long race back to Geelong.

Stuart commented that sailing on the Bay now is like a walk in the park – he keeps expecting the swell!

Congratulations to the Richardson family and crew for completing the race in such style. A great achievement!

Congratulations also to another family, Jim Whittle and his daughter,Taylah who also finished the race for the second time on their Hanse 495, “Takani”. What a way to kick off 2017!