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Yacht Racing Success Moody 45 DS ‘Pisces’ Performs at Festival of Sails 2013

Moody Yachts are renowned for their comfort and luxury as round the world cruising yachts but they are so much more!

One of the Deck Saloon’s best kept secrets is its ability to perform on the race course.

The Moody 45 Deck Saloon, Pisces, proved exactly that at Melbourne’s Festival of Sails 2013.

Moody 45 DS shines in Passage Race from Melbourne to Geelong

If you race sailing boats in Australia, then you’re probably familiar with Victoria’s Geelong Race Week and the Festival of Sails.

An incredible array of sailing boats and enthusiasts gather for the annual celebration of sailing on Melbourne’s waterfront – the energy and atmosphere are contagious.

The yacht racing at Geelong is special for Australian sailors as it’s the biggest race in the Southern hemisphere drawing a wide range of racing yachts and teams from novice to professional.

The Moody 45 Deck Saloon Pisces proved her worth as a competitive yacht in the cruising non-spinnaker division for the 36.3 nautical mile Passage Race.

Skipper Peter Hrones and his one man crew, 14 year old son Chris, watched the fleet get well ahead of them as the race started off in 5 to 10 knot winds for the first 1.5 hours.

Luckily for Pisces, a squall came through at 30 knots with gusts to 35 before settling on an average of 25 knots for the remainder of the race.

The Moody 45 DS was in her performance comfort zone…

… the next 4.5 hours Pisces caught the fleet and started overtaking yachts finishing 1st over the line!

“The most impressive aspect of racing the Moody 45 DS was her ability to comfortably sit in a groove with chop and strong winds. Even under full main and reefed jib, Pisces never rounded up despite gusts up to 35 knots.

There were yachts in the fleet that had carbon and reefed race sails with 8 people on the windward rail.” recalls Peter Hrones.

“We were basically racing short handed with no one on the rail and passing competitive boats as soon as the wind picked up. There was plenty of dry space in the saloon for passengers that were along for the ride.”

The maximum speed reached was 9.7 knots and 7.9 knots upwind in the Passage Race.

The owner and Peter Hrones also enjoyed the bay race with family on board. It was a 10 to 15 knot day and the Moody 45 DS was still passing boats a third of its weight.

After being on board for the Geelong races, Pisces’ owner now really understands what the Moody 45 DS is capable of.