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Moody 45 AC Classic – “Something Different”

Brian Lidell has owned a few yachts over the years. He looked at a number of new yachts for sale before choosing the Moody 45 AC Classic…

‘Having had four new boats in the past – this time we were looking for something different. We wanted something with character – not something white and plasticy looking.

We looked at idea of an old classic but realised we didn’t have the skill level to maintain a yacht like this. Then Bob Vinks introduced us to the idea of the 45 AC Classic… and we’d found what we were looking for.

When I first stepped on board I knew the classic look of this yacht was exactly we wanted. Also since we are not die hard sailors we wanted a boat which was easy to sail.

Moody 45 AC Owner Tells All

I can pretty much sail her single handed with the electric winches and set up of cockpit. The self-tacking headsail is great. We thought it wouldn’t be any good but it is absolutely brilliant – not just from an ease of use point of view but from a performance point of view as well.

Since we’ve had the Moody, we’ve done a bit of racing with her and we’re very surprised how well this boat performs in light and heavy winds.

When I’ve done the twilights I’ve been just 2 or 3 up and done really well. This yacht ticks every box for us. She’s well put together and very well equipped – it’s like buying a Lexus where you don’t need to sit there with the dealer and tick all the boxes – it just comes so well fitted – it’s great.

When we made the decision to buy the boat we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit to the factory and enjoyed a social time meeting the owners of hanse group and seeing the our boat being finished.

I’ve been to other boat building factories in Europe and I’d heard all the marketing about Moody’s being built differently and thought yeah good marketing but probably not true… but when I got there I found this massive ship yard broken up into 2 totally separate divisions – the Hanse and Moody sections. The Moodys are built by a bunch of characters who are dedicated to building a quality yacht.

The Moody 45 AC Classic as turned out to be the perfect family yacht. It’s like the old adage “families who ski sail together stick together”… I like to think “families who sail together stick together”.’

The Moody 45 AC Classic is available for private viewings at our Pittwater head office. To arrange your exclusive viewing call us on 02 9979 1709